Our website will help you find original French cosmetics manufacturers and French Brands across the France, their links and their e-shops. France is famous for its quality skin care and is the leading supplier of ingredients to the cosmetics industries. France is known worldwide for the quality of the goods it manufactures and French cosmetics are also a choice of safety guaranteed by the “Made in France” tradition of quality. France is known as one of the most sophisticated cosmetic, beauty and personal care market. By clicking on the French flag in the top bar you will see many more original French brands of clothing, furniture, home furnishings, shoes, hi-fi, toys, food, tools and much more. Thank you for supporting MADE IN FRANCE.

French health oils

The founder of the Christine Simon brand has been studying essential oils for decades. It is because she has never found a satisfactory solution in products derived from petrochemicals that she decided to create the INDEMNE French brand. She believes in simple and natural methods to feel better. Natural care exclusively composed of essential and vegetable oils, without any chemical component, for the dermatological treatment of atopic, sensitive, irritated or even "capricious" skin. By combining several essential oils, INDEMNE creates so-called "complex" mixtures that are particularly powerful.

French nails

100% French brand BOURJOIS. Continue to invent, create, design smart and feminine products that simplify beauty. Make Parisian chic accessible to all: daring looks but always tasteful, easy to achieve ... and without breaking the bank. Allow each to express with force his style and his own creativity. At Bourjois, they have personality, and they love women who have them. Bourjois is, among other things, the inventor of Coup de Théâtre mascara, the first double-ended mascara; eye shadow Follow my look, whose smart housing encloses the loose powder and delivers the right dose directly on the integrated brush ...

French soap

Created at the end of the Nineties by Idelette and Philippe Arché, Le Bel Aujourd’hui is an artisan’s workshop that creates, manufactures and distributes interior perfumes and natural cosmetics. Situated in Ardèche, the company is faithful to the values of its founders, who have faithfully recreated their childhood memories, with their perfumes, flavours and colours, in their range of products that currently consists of 50 original fragrances. The workshop is located at the foot of old Beauchastel, a registered village on the banks of the Eyrieux. Le Bel Aujourd’hui is born of this iversity, of this profusion of flowers and the rural atmosphere of the high plateaus.

French parfume

Give your skin the best of nature and discover a range of soaps and cosmetics to take care of yourself every day. Virgin vegetable oils, unrefined raw butters, essential oils ... At Lulu & Guite, they use only simple and organic plant ingredients to create 100% natural, artisanal and environmentally friendly products. Their products are all handcrafted using traditional methods such as cold saponification: an ancient soap making technique. They produce in small batches to guarantee the freshness of our cosmetics and put a point of vigilance to limit our ecological impact on the environment.

French oil

Melchior & Balthazar is the alchemy between the power of nature, the exclusivity of ingredients and the power of science. They sublimate your beauty with rituals 100% natural and organic "made in France". Melchior & Balthazar is a family and passion story. Two brothers crisscross the globe in search of exceptional raw materials to create natural products in respect of your beauty. It is a real quest for the exception that allows Melchior & Balthazar to offer products formulated with ingredients of remarkable quality. Address: 17 rue de la cavée Agneaux, France.

French balms

Montebelluna offers a wide range of body hygiene balms, combining a complex of vegetable oils with a complex of essential oils in a unique fashion. The majority of the plants that go into the composition of their products are wild and harvested by hand. Their oils are the result of research conducted for more than 40 years. They strive to respect the body and are only made of biologically healthy products. Thus, they use for the vast majority of their products only wild plants, harvested by hand and at maturity in places sought for their low exposure to pollution (mountains, isolated meadows, natural fallow land).

French natural care

A millennial beauty treatment from donkey milk. Rich in vitamins and trace elements, donkey milk closes a millennial beauty and health secret comparable to that of sweet almond milk, known for its moisturizing and nourishing properties. Nefertiti, Cleopatra, Francis I, did not hesitate to praise the merits and benefits. Associated with vegetable oils, such as copra, olive or argan, as well as with various plants and their respective virtue, donkey milk becomes the ally of all skins, especially the delicate skin of babies. Address: Asinerie de Haussonville 57830 Foulcrey, France.

French man

Philemon 1889, the beauty expert French man. Specialist in men's cosmetics, Philémon decomplexes bathing, shaving and care to make daily ritual a moment of well-being. Dreamlike world of a past -recomposed, the man is reappropriating bathroom. To meet the requirements of all men, for 18 months, Jean-Luc and Antoine relied on a team of professionals of men's care and barber hairdressing experts. Used in the barber chair and specialized care institutes, Philémon is a professional response of innovative quality treatments, specially formulated for the epidermis and facial and capillary hair.

French elixir
La Savonnerie de la Chapelle

Designing natural handmade cosmetics of the highest quality. To sublimate their passion, their teams are engaged in a constant search for perfection and renewal, to improve and find new combinations, to make their soaps, their oils, their balms and natural cosmetics, much more than a simple treatment - A true elixir of wellbeing. Ingredients from further afield: La Savonnerie de la Chapelle resumes and applies an ancestral know-how and brings its recipes up to date enriching the variety of ingredients. Each element is studied carefully, chosen to achieve a perfect balance between its natural healing properties and its perfumes.

French Toothbrush

100% French brand, Bioseptyl is the toothbrush range of La Brosserie Française. High-end brand, Bioseptyl has its place in a competitive sector. Toothbrushes cover the needs of all ages, the result of a constant and perfectionist search. Today, Bioseptyl makes its products available without borders, because the concept of service is at the heart of the brand. Our optimism is to believe that French know-how has its place in a globalized global economy. We are committed to believing in Made in France, because we believe that a job well done has its place in a competitive global economy. The Made in Chez Nous is well worth the Made in ... Anywhere Elsewhere!

French soups

The manufacture of Marseille soap was born and developed for centuries only empirically, based on human observation and sensitivity. By mastering this bubbling and steaming dough, the soap makers were called "fire masters", ensuring a close fabrication of alchemy. More than 119 years of history, 4 generations of families, solid and functional boilers ... The Marius Fabre soap factory, always in operation, produces genuine Marseille soap and black soap with olive oil according to the ancestral method transmitted by Marius Fabre. The production workshops are free to visit, as is the Marseille Soap Museum, located in the heart of the soap factory.

France cosmetics Acquadax

The Acquadax ™ range, designed with the utmost care, delivers you with generosity, simplicity and kindness the precious and unparalleled benefits of nature. The cosmetic treatments release a delicate perfume and envelop you, from the first moments, of the soft heat of the South-West. Their exceptional qualities bring the greatest benefit to your face and body. Really concentrated of benefits and well-being, Acquadax ™ products invite you to extend the moments of relaxation and special care that will ensure you as if by magic, a return to the sources of Dax. Address: Ibbeo Cosmétiques 49 rue Général Sarrail 82000 Montauban France.