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French toys

Klorofil fan, find your favorite characters and worlds to color. Every morning, the sun rises on the magic land of Klorofil: benevolent beings who live in harmony with nature. Go to meet them and make them live full of adventures! The Klorofil range promotes imagination and interaction through countless stories to tell. With a surprising "POP!" effect on each products, it is ideal to stimulate coordination and fine motor skills. Handy, the universes can be taken everywhere! All products are made in France.

French kids

Moments Durables brings together on the themes of art, history and architecture, several collections: coloring books, models, games of seven families, fans and bookmarks. Their young publishing house (created in March 2017) is located in Riom, a small town north of Puy-de-Dôme known for its Renaissance architecture, which earned him the nickname "Riom the Beautiful". They want to share your desire for the journey and discovery: imaginary journeys to discover space or time through your art and culture.

french old toys

Old toys are particularly collectible from the 17th C. hobby horse and 18th C. rocking horse to the antique doll with its head in bisque and the famous Jumeau dolls of the 19th C. The first wind-up toys appeared in the 16th C. but developped with the industrial revolution when the clock-work tin toy was mass produced and became very popular from the 1880s onwards. Clock-work toys were replaced by battery operated or electric operated toys such as the model trainset in the 20th Century.

French children

Knowing the wood and its mechanical properties, Thomas Blanchard designed a robust, durable, ecological game entirely made in France in the Normandy carpentry, with untreated beech from local forests and managed sustainably. A construction game for children over 36 months to imagine, build, assemble, dismantle, modify according to their desires and their creativity. It is also a game of sharing, Wood Tip has proven itself for more than 10 years of existence with families and schools of France and beyond.

French fun

A unique system that combines the magic of models with the freedom and modularity of the building game. Each Fabulabox is a unique urban theme whose facades are full of poetic or entertaining details and observation games (see and find, differences ...). By assembling and combining their Fabulabox in complete freedom, children from 4 to 10 years old will create wonderful city worlds, strengthen their fine motor skills and invent great stories by putting ALL their toys in their sets. Address: 1 RUE VELTEN 69009 Lyon – France.

French music

Valérie Sabbah is a pianist, composer, teacher, and creator of musical games since 2012. She currently teaches at the Montessori MIS (Malherbes international school) in Le Vésinet. During many years of teaching children, Valérie discovered a real interest in pedagogy, especially with toddlers, as well as for children with difficulties. Trying to transmit her musical knowledge as well as possible, she decides to design musical games adapted to everyone according to age, level, available time, difficulties, etc..

French robots

Interactive wooden toys for tablets. Marbotic is a French innovative start-up founded in 2012. As tech-lovers and education experts, we created the ultimate learning experience mixing traditional wooden toys and touchscreen technology. Marbotic connected toys are made of quality wood that is also used for Montessori tools. With their wooden toys, they are free to play with or without a tablet, to invent their own games, with their own rules. Address: Marbotic Cité numérique 2 rue Marc Sangnier 33130 Bègles FRANCE.

French children

The brand "Polochon & Cie" offers moose models made in France whose codes meet the desires of today by mixing bright colors, soft design and natural materials. A unique, crisp and customizable nomad lamp for every child. Wall, reading light, torch or night light, it will quickly become the perfect companion for your children to create their own stories, play and reassure themselves at night. It is wireless, rechargeable, totally BALADEUSE and just turn the handle to turn it on ... magic! Designed and assembled in France.

French stuff

Creation or sewing passionate, Pouce et Lina’s team is ambitious. They wish share their convictions with you. Beyond their desire to pass you their creativity and their taste for new trends of the decoration thanks to their musical toys and mobiles, they care about engage with you. Their mission is to offer you high quality products. So they support the quality approach and the ethics policy of their company. Made in France is a motto. It embodies the transparency : you know from where come Pouce et Lina’s products.

French wooden toys

Speech therapy equipment for recreational reeducations. Whether for a reeducation of oral or written language, or to work on memory, spatial organization and many other skills, you will find on their site the material that you need. Savoir Play is your game editor to use as a playful reeducation support. Whether for a child or an adult, their tools adapt and meet your needs. Do not hesitate to contact them to find out more about their products designed for rehabilitation professionals.

French enjoy

In the heart of the Jura, between mountains, lakes and forests, between Champagnole and Saint-Claude, Vilac creates, for over a hundred years, wooden toys in Moirans-en-Montagne. Timeless toys, unique toys that make every generation dream. Their story begins in 1911 in the village of Moirans-en-Montagne, the French capital of toys, when Narcisse Villet creates a small artisanal workshop called "Maison Villet". In 2012, Vilac and Petitcollin were bought by the France Cartes group, to which the Jura brand JeuJura already belongs.

French medieval

Their company is made up of history buffs, since 2004 it manufactures and sells a very wide range of historical reproductions based on the Middle Ages period. These reproductions are intended for enthusiasts and followers of living history, collectors, reenactors, teachers, etc. They want to offer their customers products with the concept of "good value for money". For this reason, their products are manufactured and will remain manufactured in France. You will now discover more than one hundred references of models.